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Considering Dental Implants?

Family Dentistry provides expert implant dentistry.

Dr. Pizzarello and the experts at Family Dentistry specialize in efficient and pain-free dental implants that benefit from the cutting edge technology available to our dental patients. Learn about how the process works in this brief video of Dr. Pizzarello explaining the dental implant procedure. To schedule a consultation appointment for implants or any general or specialized dental needs, please call us today!

One-visit dentistry, redefined.

Dr. Pizzarello and his staff are committed to the pain-free, comfortable and reasonably-priced experience that has become so lost in the dental profession. Our heavy investment in state-of-the-art technology enables us to provide the most advanced and efficient treatment possible for any dental ailment, in-house and often in one visit. This includes orthodontics, oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, and just about any type of specialty dentistry you can think of. Typically, we can do more in one visit than most dental practices can do in three.

Upfront pricing. No surprises.

Nobody likes surprises. Taking care of our teeth and our mouths is a chore, not a hobby, and is not something anybody enjoys paying for. We know this, and we aim to be as upfront about cost as possible before starting any treatment or procedure. If you’ve got a limited budget, we’ll evaluate which dental issues are the priority and work with you to make sure your money is well spent. We’ll provide you with a reasonable figure for the work to be done, lay out all the expected costs and have you feeling like a rock star.

Staff that feels more like family.

We named our practice Family Dentistry because we want to become not only a part of your regular dental health regimen, but because we want to be a part of your family. Our staff treats all our patients with absolute courtesy, respect and professionalism and aim to make you feel at home. In fact, everything from the outside to the inside of our practice looks and feels like a home. Read our testimonials and find out why.


Community driven and focused.

Pizzarello & Silvestro Family Dentistry is proud to support the local community of Stoneham and the surrounding communities. We are active in supporting local sports, public organizations, children’s and teens, arts and much more. We’re not just here to be your dentist, we’re here to give back to the community and show our support.